Workshops & Presentations

There are three kinds of presentations.  Depending on the audience, I can combine some of the elements.  Please contact me to inquire about or schedule a presentation.

  1. A Book reading consists of about 15 minutes of my reading from chapters of A Journey of Courage and sharing information about Sister Dorothy. After this, I answer questions for about 15 minutes and follow that with a book signing and more questions if the audience wishes.
  2. For writers and those who would be writers  In this presentation I describe the process I created to write this book.  I talk about how I began, how I organized the material and how I stayed with it for 3 years.  I explain why we published it ourselves (the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and me) and I share some of what I have learned about self publishing. I end with a book signing.
  3. For school groups   In a short (27 minute) film called “The Student, the Nun and the Amazon,” we meet Sam, a young, British eco-tourist and his director of photography who travel to find the legendary Sister Dorothy in her region of the Amazon.  We see this animated woman and hear her voice as she passionately describes why it is so important to save “this beautiful forest.” Before and after the film I talk more about Dorothy’s work as well as the state of the Amazon forest and re-forestation today. Again, I end with a book signing.

For further information please contact me at murdock914 [at]