Defining “Working Poor”

by Michele on December 3, 2012

Dorothy collecting workers

When I read Robert Reich’s blog last week, I was trying to decide what to write about.   The more I read about the inequity in food and retail firms like McDonald’s and Walmart it became clear. If I am to call this blog “Inspired by Dorothy ,“ I have to support issues she would have participated in.

I am quite sure she would have been one of the first on the lines to help organize workers in these companies.

Reich’s  article explains why the workers need to organize but also why they are afraid to do so.  ... (read more)


A Writerly Hero

by Michele on November 28, 2012

K. Boo and Beautiful Forevers book cover

Who says a good book cannot inspire social justice for the poor?

A few months ago I read Katherine Boo’s book Behind the Beautiful Forevers, and it continues to come to mind.

The book is about a slum called Annawadi in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) India, a city which, because of the quality of the potential of the work force, is the home to many multinational corporate branches and where some large call centers are located. I just found good essays about the book on Newsweek and also on Salon; here are my thoughts.

The book  is particularly ... (read more)


An Important book!

by Michele on August 28, 2012

My friend, writer and writing coach, Carol Henderson, has just written and produced a unique book called, Farther Along, The Writing Journey of Thirteen Bereaved Mothers.

Many of us, over time, have or will know parents who could benefit from the process described in this book. Farther Along . . . details the ten year writing journey of 13 bereaved mothers who have lost children in death; the children range from infants, like Carol’s, through teens to young adults.

This week I attended a reading at our neighborhood book store, Flyleaf books, where first, Carol described the ... (read more)


Brazil, How Can You Do This?

by Michele on August 24, 2012

Stang Amazon.jpg

Regivaldo Gilvao was released from prison on appeal. Brazil’s Supreme Court released the conspirator and mastermind of the murder of Dorothy Stang on August 22.  Apparently, in Brazil, one must be in prison for a bit of time before an appeal for release can be lodged and then implemented by the court. He was put away in mid 2011.

Will he ever return to prison? Will he be acquitted?  Will Dorothy’s case just slip away or will her followers and pro bono lawyers keep it alive? They will try but the odds ... (read more)