Let’s Move Beyond Talking about Newtown

by Michele on December 17, 2012

We all know what happened in Newtown.http://www.elocallink.tv/clients3/ct/newtown/main.jpg  I listened  immediately to the news because that little country town is only about 20 minutes from Easton, Connecticut where I lived as a school child in a different age.  In 1960 Newtown’s  population was just shy of 11,500, today it is nearly 28,000! The community  is only 65 miles from New York City which explains the growth — but not the carnage.

Like most Americans who are parents, my husband and I are very, very sad for the parents of the children and the families of the teachers and administrators who died. . . another senseless killing spree by a deranged young man.

In the year, 2000, on Mother’s Day we took our then 16 year old and his friend to Washington to join the Million Mom march for gun control.  It was a beautiful day and many were full of hope that we could make a change.

 2000 Million Mom March for Gun Control

Million Mom March for Gun Control, 2000

Now it is 12 years later…and it appears that there is less interest in our populace for gaining control of the sale and the use of automatic weapons…the kind that deliver many multiple rounds of bullets which kill.

How crazy is it that we cannot work to challenge those who sell these killing devices?

On a positive note, I did hear some gun control advocates say they believe that Newtown is the Tipping Point — the point at which public opinion and Congressional leaders are galvanized to stay the course and work for change.

Dorothy Stang believed in peaceable demonstrations and so do I.  I am scouting sites and news papers to hear that this movement is taking flight again.  As our President said in his speech to the families in Newtown,  “it’s time for a change.”

There are many ways to bring change about. We need to do all of them – gun control laws amended, a culture expanded which understands mental health issues and pays for resources for the needy, vigils for those who have died, and demonstrations  by those who want to work to make a difference.

Will you  join me?


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vintagekaren December 18, 2012 at 5:38 pm

Yes Michele! I, too, believe this is the tipping point on gun control as do many here at the SND Province Center in CA.


Marianna Crane December 18, 2012 at 7:07 pm

I am with you, Michele. I do hope this tragedy is indeed a tipping point. I, for one, am ready to contribute, march, sign petitions, etc., to keep the momentum up and finally tackle gun control.

Sadly, there is more to this issue, as you have noted. We need to invest more resources in our mental health services, reduce the violence in our entertainment, including movies and video games.

We are just beginning.


Michele Michele December 18, 2012 at 10:07 pm

We are just beginning — I will try to continue to deliver timely information about any initiatives which gather speed.


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